Estonia’s government to spend EUR450m more on education in 2018-2021

The government agreed on a funding boost for the Estonian education system over the next 4 years, according to the budget strategy plan for 2018-2021, the details of which were revealed on Thursday. The education system should receive some EUR 450mn more in funding in 2018-2021 of which the largest share or some EUR246m will be allocated for raising teachers’ salaries. Another EUR61m will be spent to increase the salaries of kindergarten teachers in order to reach the level of teachers’ salaries, which effectively means doubling kindergarten teachers’ salaries in many of the cases. Other big allocations of the funds include increasing school lunch support with EUR24m, supporting research and development activities with EUR22m and increasing post-graduate students’ support with EUR20m.

The additional funding for the education system comes as another approved measure by the incumbent government that will contribute to a looser fiscal policy. In addition, the government will likely increase its support in light of the upcoming local elections this autumn.

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