Serbian government reiterates calls for end of strike at Fiat’s car plant

Dialogue between striking employees of Fiat’s car plant and the management should start as soon as possible, economic advisor to the government Vladimir Krulj told the public broadcaster RTS. Commenting on media reports that Fiat could leave Serbia, he said that production of Fiat 500L model could be relocated to Poland. The government and the economy ministry called once again over the weekend on employees to end the general strike that started on Jun 27 so that negotiations with the management of the company could start. The ministry noted that demands of employees for the government to guarantee a base wage of RSD 45,000 is not possible at this moment.

Employees at Fiat’s car plant seek a hike of the base salary from RSD 38,000 to RSD 50,000, payment of efficiency bonuses, reimbursement of additional costs that employees incur for commuting and new way of organization of production. The strike affected the production and the plant has missed the plan by about 6,000 vehicles so far. FCA Serbia planned to deliver some 85,000 units of Fiat 500Ls this year and experts believe that the goal is still achievable.

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