Albania streamlines measures against informal economy

PM Edi Rama announced that the measures against the informal economy that are currently being implemented would be further strengthened to stop tax evasion, local media reported. The so-called Operational Plan against informality encompasses the blockage and prevention of petrol stations from pumping gas to reduce their tax payments. The plan is going to include higher control on the businesses by the tax administration and will be implemented by Jun 2021, according to PM Rama. All in all, we think the plan aims to improve tax collection and boost budget’s revenues from taxes, in line with numerous recommendations by IFIs and the EC.

As part of the plan, the tax authorities have employed monitoring groups to check 413 accommodation units registered for booking in the Town of Saranda. Delina Ibrahimaj, director of the tax collection agency, confirmed that between Jul 4 and Aug 11, a total of 420 controls in Saranda took place, out of which 191 violations of tax legislation were uncovered. Some 30 entities were not registered at all in the tax authorities and were blocked.

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