Albanian MPs fail to elect president, speaker Meta to be nominated at next round

The Albanian parliament did not elect a new president of the country at the third round of voting on Apr 27 as no candidates were nominated again. The ruling Socialist Party has refused to nominate any candidates in the first three rounds in an effort to convince the opposition Democratic Party (DP) to return to the parliament and participate in the president election. As the opposition reconfirmed its firmness to boycott parliamentary work and the general elections scheduled for June, the Socialists will nominate the Parliamentary Speaker Ilir Meta as a presidential candidate at the fourth round of parliament voting. After the first three rounds of voting, when a candidate needed to obtain three-fifth majority of the votes by all MPs, in the last two rounds the presidential candidate may be elected by a simple majority. The fourth round of voting will most probably take place within the next seven days and Meta will easily won sufficient votes from the Socialist Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration to become the country’s next president, in our view.

Ilir Meta is currently leader of the second party in the ruling coalition – the Socialist Movement for Integration. He served as Albania’s PM between 1999 and 2002 when he was member of the Socialist Party. Afterwards he founded the Socialist Movement for Integration. Meta held also positions such as Foreign Affairs Minister and Economy Minister during his political career.

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