Bulgaria and Serbia sign binding agreement on gas connector construction

Bulgaria and Serbia have signed an agreement on the construction of a gas interconnector linking the two countries as part of their strategy for energy sources diversification, local media reported. The agreement indicates binding commitment to the project completion and a joint working group with experts from both countries will be in charge of controlling the construction. The planned gas pipeline capacity is 1.8 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year with an option to reach 5 bcm per year. The total length of the pipeline route is 150km, 61km of which in Bulgaria. The total cost of the project on the Bulgarian territory is expected to reach BGN88m (EUR45m) and will be funded from the EU Innovations and Competitiveness program. Serbia will receive EUR49.6m from the EU’s pre-accession funds for the project construction on its territory. The gas interconnector should be operational by May 2022.

The agreement follows the decision on the gas interconnector construction taken at end-2012. The project implementation was subsequently delayed due to funding shortages from Serbia.

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