Bulgaria’s President-elect Radev reportedly to dissolve parliament on Feb 2

President-elect Rumen Radev will dissolve the parliament on Feb 2 and the early parliamentary elections will be held on Apr 2, the daily 24 Chasa reported citing own sources close to Radev’s team. Other media have also recently speculated that Radev has been advised by political parties not to dissolve the parliament immediately after taking office on Jan 22. Early elections have to be held within two months of dissolving the parliament and parties allegedly wanted more time to prepare for the elections. The largest GERB party had earlier proposed Apr 2 as the election date while the main opposition, socialist BSP had proposed Mar 26.

Radev will also appoint a caretaker government after dissolving the parliament, according to the report. The main ministries will be given to key members of Radev’s future presidential cabinet, which has not been officially announced yet. According to speculations, current deputy finance minister Kiril Ananiev will be made finance minister in the caretaker government. Caretaker minister responsible for EU relations, EU funds and the preparation for the Bulgarian EU presidency would be most likely ex-foreign ministry top official Gergana Pasi, according to the report.

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