Croatian INA management approves project for bitumen production

The management of the dominant oil company INA on Wednesday approved the launch of a project for bitumen production in Sisak, envisaged by its business plan for the period until 2023, and production is expected to start in March 2021, local media reported. Recall that in December 2018, INA released a report about its business plan for 2019, which included the launch of a program under which crude oil would be processed in the refinery in Rijeka while the Sisak refinery would be turned into an industrial center for other activities. Announcing the new program, which includes bitumen production, INA said that refining and marketing activities had generated an average annual loss of HRK1bn.

Recall that in December INA announced its plan to concentrate its refining business in Rijeka, while the Sisak refinery would focus on other activities. The plan envisages the conversion of the Sisak refinery into an industrial center. INA said that ‘no collective redundancies’ were planned. According to environment and energy minister Tomislav Coric, the future industrial center in Sisak will employ some 350-400 workers, while those who are now close to the statutory retirement age would be covered by adequate layoff programs. Coric has also said that the some 800 workers in Sisak will have a prospect of remaining in one of the business activities that INA is going to develop in Sisak.

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