Deputy LaborMin: Poland’s registered unemployment likely to fall to 9 per cent at end-2016

Poland’s unemployment rate will likely edge up to 9.8-10.0% at the end of 2015 and decline to 9.0% at the end of next year, deputy Labor Minister Stanislaw Szwed told PAP in an interview.

“I think that if we end 2016 with unemployment rate at the level of 9%, we will be able to consider it a good result,” Szwed said.

At the end of this year, Poland will likely sport 9.8-10.0% jobless rate from the end-October level of 9.6%.

“Initial data show that unemployment in November grew by 0.1-0.2 ppt,” Szwed said. “In December we will likely record a similar growth. This would indicate that at the end of the year the unemployment growth will amount to 9.8-10.0%.”

Unemployment rate growth typical for the beginning of the year due to the absence of seasonal jobs should be lower than in the previous years, as the government “has considerable means” to support the market, the deputy minister said, adding the full effects of this support should be visible in February.

The Labor Ministry also expects employment rate growth in 2016 to stay at the current level of some 1%.

Wage growth is expected to “significantly accelerate” thanks to, among others, increase of minimum wage to PLN 1850 and introducing a minimum PLN 12 per hour rate for civil law contracts, Szwed also said.

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