DevelopMin: Poland cannot resign from coal as main energy resource “too fast and too abruptly”

Poland “cannot afford” making abrupt changes to its energy mix and thus wouldn’t want to change its dependence on coal “too fast and too abruptly,” Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said this weekend.

Poland, similarly to France “probably wouldn’t want to change it [its energy dependence on one resource] too fast and too abruptly,” Morawiecki said at a conference organized by French-Polish economic chamber, pointing to Poland’s dependence in 90% on energy generated from coal and to France’s dependence in 90% on nuclear energy.

“Poland cannot afford making any abrupt moves in this difficult economic moment,” he said. “We definitely want to invest in increasing energy efficiency, thus improving our energy mix . . .”

At the same time Poland has already significantly reduced its CO2 emission under the Kioto protocol, the minister underlined.

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