DevelopMin: Poland targets above 4% GDP growth but growth structure seen as most important

Poland would like the Polish economy to grow by above 4% but will focus above all on assuring proper GDP growth structure, focused on healthy investments and exports, Development Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told reporters on Saturday.

“Of course we would like GDP to be the highest possible, for it to be above 4.0%, but it is its structure that is the most important, even short-term,” Morawiecki said. “And we believe that through investments, exports, we will be able not only to have GDP growth exceeding today’s assumptions but also to have a very balanced and healthy growth.”

Poland will thus care about the GDP growth structure, making sure “this GDP growth is the healthiest possible for us,” that is “mainly based on healthy investments which longer-term promote products with high added value, that is innovative products,” the minister explained.

Poland’s economic policy will also focus on boosting exports.

“Secondly, the promotion of Polish exports is such an axiom of our economic policy for the coming few years,” Morawiecki declared. “Above all we want to focus on helping Polish exporters and Polish firms that want to expand abroad.”

“Because paradoxically, we should also help those who want to export Polish capital by buying firms abroad and diversifying their production or looking for new sales markets,” he added.

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