EU conditions Albania’s EU integration on public administration reform

Albania will have to tackle five key issues before the EU opens negotiations on the country’s EU accession, EU envoy to Albania Romana Vlahutin said in Tirana. The public administration reform, alongside the judicial and education reforms, is of top priority and the EU will provide assistance to the new government for its implementation, Vlahutin added. The civil service reform will aim to fight corruption and nepotism, as well as improve services to citizens.

Innovation and Public Administration Minister Milena Harito clarified that the government will create a civil servants’ register and will change the recruitment model, basing it on the candidates’ professional achievements and not on their political orientation. The civil servants will be motivated through the build-up of a career system and the cabinet will also aim to digitalize the administration. Harito added that civil service makes up only up to 15% of the public administration, so the reform will need to encompass a lot more actions in the other public administration segments.

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