Fuel prices in FBiH to fall by KM0.05 per liter

The FBiH trade ministry has received 370 requests for a downward correction of fuel prices from Jun 4, the daily Dnevni Avaz reported. Trade minister Zlatan Vujanovic said that there was a trend for a fall in prices, which however in BiH transmits only slowly. He noted that fuel prices will fall by KM0.05 per liter. Currently, a liter of diesel in the Federation costs KM2.31-2.41, while in RS – KM2.23. The price of petrol in almost all petrol stations is equal to diesel. CPI inflation inched up to 0.8% y/y in April from 0.7% y/y the previous month, but transport prices growth eased to 2.6% y/y in the month from 2.7% y/y in March.

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