Fuel prices in RS increase at some petrol stations

Fuel and gas prices at some petrol stations in RS have increased by KM0.07 per liter and other petrol stations are expected to follow suit in the next days, the daily Nezavisne Novine reported today. Sources of the media from RS Chamber of Commerce said that the refineries in the region have increased prices as a result of the higher crude oil prices on the international market. The last increase of fuel prices was seen as of Feb 1 when the amendments to the excise tax law entered into force. Fuel prices jumped by about KM0.18 per liter with the changes, the daily writes. CPI inflation accelerated to 0.9% y/y in February from 0.3% y/y in January pushed by higher transport prices and given the above, we may expect it to speed up further in the next months.

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