General, presidential, local elections must be held in Albania

Albania’s President Ilir Meta called the Jun 30 local elections shameful for the country, implying he does not recognize them, local media reported. The President held a press conference, in which he proposed the holding of new local, general and presidential elections on Oct 13 in order to solve the ongoing political crisis. President Meta accused the Socialist Party (SP) government in drafting underground agendas with the aim to capture the state, as well as accused international diplomats of being part of PM Rama’s state-capturing agenda, which is detrimental to Albanian people. The President claimed that there was a structured group which he called PPPd operating through the state capture principle and using PM Rama for its purposes.

President Meta issued a decree in June on moving of the local elections from Jun 30 to Oct 13, but the proposal for scheduling snap parliamentary and president elections is new. As we reported, PM Rama did not take into consideration Meta’s decree and the local elections in which the Socialist Party was the only participant, gaining all municipalities, took place on Jun 30. Nevertheless, we think PM Rama is unlikely to agree on new elections to be held in October, whether they are local or general. As the EU delegation in Albania had issued a statement before the Jun 30 elections, which was supporting PM Rama, we think that Rama will not make any compromises to the opposition parties to resolve the political crisis, given that he can rely on the international support.

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