In BiH gross indirect tax revenues rise by 9.3% y/y

Gross indirect tax revenues increased by KM53m or 9.3% y/y to KM621m in January, Bosnia and Herzegovina Indirect Tax Authority (ITA) said. VAT refunds amounted to KM121m (up by KM4.5m y/y), thus net revenues of KM500m (up by KM48.6m y/y) were distributed among users. BiH institutions received KM61m, FBiH — KM256m, RS — KM128m and Brcko District — KM14m. The Federation received additional KM16.8m based on special toll revenues intended for motorway and road construction (KM0.25 per liter), RS — KM11.1m and Brcko District — KM0.6m.

ITA collected KM7.6bn in gross indirect tax revenues in 2018, up by KM552.5m or 7.84% than the previous year. The Macroeconomic Unit (OMA) of the Governing Board of ITA expects net indirect tax revenues to reach KM6.3bn in 2019, rising by 2.6% y/y.

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