In Romania electricity from renewable sources stands for 42% in total generation in 2016

Electricity produced from renewable sources represented about 42.3% in total electricity generated last year, according to a report of the energy market regulator ANRE. The highest share in total was of the hydroelectricity (29.9%), followed by wind electricity (11.1%), solar (1.2%) and an insignificant share was represented by the electricity generated from biomass. Therefore, the hydroelectricity managed to surpass as weight in total the electricity generated in coal-fuelled plants (24.4%) in 2016. The nuclear electricity represented 17.9% and the gas-fuelled plants generated 15.2% of the total electricity produced last year in Romania, the report said.

Overall, the total electricity generated in 2016 was down by 1.3% y/y to 61.80TWh. The electricity consumption rose by 2.1% y/y to 52.89TWh, of which 12.1TWh was electricity consumption of households. The electricity purchased from the free market by companies, increased by 3.4% y/y and represented about one third in total electricity consumption in 2016.


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