In Slovakia share of people at income poverty risk down to 12.4% last year

Some 650,000 Slovaks or 12.4% of the population were threatened by the risk of income poverty in 2017, according to stats office chairperson Alexander Ballek, who presented data from the EEU statistics on income and living conditions (EU SILC 2017). Compared to 2016, there was a decrease by 0.3pps or some 20,000 people. Ballek comments that the income poverty profile and the evolution of poverty risk as the main indicator are stable. He said that special emphasis must be put on the high level of regional disparity. In the Bratislava region, the share of people at poverty risks is the smallest (4.6%), but in the east of the country the threat is several times higher — 18.1% in Presov region and 15.5% percent in Kosice region. The highest risk of poverty – 49.5% was recorded among the unemployed, while in terms of household type, for those with 3 and more dependent children (35.4%) and in single-parent households, lone parents with at least one dependent child (37.3%). The poverty risk threshold for a single-person household is just under EUR 360 per month (i.e. below the minimum wage of EUR450), whereas for a household with two adults and two children under 14 it is EUR750 per month. In terms of material deprivation and poverty, some 34.6% of the population have a problem meeting a need for unexpected spending.

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