Montenegro’s cabinet plans to spend EUR2.5bn in 2019

The Montenegrin government plans to spend EUR2.5bn in 2019 under the proposed budget law for next year, the daily Dan reported citing Finance Ministry sources. The government reportedly plans EUR1.6bn worth of current expenditures, EUR330m worth of capital expenditures, EUR392m in debt repayments and EUR40m for the purchase of securities of the state utility EPCG. The current expenditures are reportedly related mainly to social spending (EUR563.7m) and wage expenditures (EUR468.7m). The planned capital expenditures are mostly related to the construction of the Bar-Boljare highway but may reportedly be exceeded by EUR100m if the completion of the section is delayed.

The proposed government budget is reportedly under consideration and has not been adopted by the government yet. The government’s economic policy committee is reportedly working to define the consumer units, which will likely be completed by next week. The budget may be adopted next Thursday (Nov 15), when the regular cabinet session takes place. Rumors are that the government may take additional debt to cover the budget deficit, which is reportedly planned at EUR130m.

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