Poland sells PLN 5.64 bln in 5Y & 10Y fixed-rate papers at Thu switching auction

Poland sold PLN 3.14 bln in 5Y fixed-rate paper PS0421 and PLN 2.5 bln in 10Y bond DS0726 at a switching auction on Thursday, buying back PLN 5.4 bln in papers maturing in October 2015 and January 2016, the Finance Ministry said a statement.

The auction priced the PS0421 bond, offered for the first time, to yield 2.289%, and the DS0726 paper to yield 2.780%.

Total demand amounted to PLN 3.4 bln for PS0421 and PLN 3.5 bln for DS0726 papers, the statement showed.

Poland redeemed PLN 2.7 bln in fixed-rate papers DS1015 and PLN 2.7 bln in zero-coupon papers OK0116.

Following the auction, Poland has outstanding debt of PLN 19.7 bln in DS1015 bond and PLN 22.3 bln in OK0116 bond, the ministry said.


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