Poland to invest heavily in energy sector

Poland will inject “huge” investment means into its energy sector and prioritize the ailing coal mining segment, which will remain the mainstay of the country’s energy security, Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said in her inaugural policy speech to the lower house.

The energy sector “will be a recipient of huge means that will be allocated to development,” Szydlo said.

Those resources will be integrated at the newly created Energy Ministry, whose first task will be to solve the problems of the coal mining sector, in consultation with miners themselves.

“We have a concept of a solution and we will proceed to realization in conjunction with the labor representatives and the companies,” she said.

“Coal, including lignite,” will remain Poland’s “main resource,” a guarantee of Poland’s energy security, Szydlo assured.

Poland will also complete and expand the LNG terminal and potentially build a second one in the future, near the Gdansk agglomeration area.

ami/ maf

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