Poland will strive to facilitate investment in fiber optic infrastructure

Poland will seek to amend legislation on telecom infrastructure development to facilitate investment in fiber optic network, and will look for additional sources of financing to speed investment efforts up, the new Digitalization Minister Anna Strezynska said Thursday.

Speaking to her experience in regional network development, Strezynska said that all too often Polish and EU regulations “block and delay investments.”

She will start off by amending the act on supporting the development of telecom services and networks to facilitate investment in infrastructure, she said.

Strezynska will also move to implement the EU directive on reducing the cost of broadband investments, she declared.

Poland can also tap extra sources of financing for the infrastructure cosntruction effort, according to the official. Apart from the state bank BGK, partners could include commercial banks and pension funds, she hopes.

Also the receipts from the recently concluded auction of LTE frequencies, over PLN 9 bln, could be used to finance investments, but the decision will belong to the central government.

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