Primary energy resources in Romania rise by 12.1% y/y in Dec fuelled by imports

Romania’s primary energy resources increased by 12.1% y/y to almost 3.2mn toe in December, according to a release of the state statistical institute published today. That was the second consecutive month with double-digit annual rise of the indicator, mainly fuelled by imports, whereas the local production remained almost flat y/y. The local production of primary energy resources was backed by the hydro and nuclear electricity generation, where the output rose by 13.8%, while the local production of coal, oil and gas dropped y/y in December. The imports of primary energy resources increased again significantly, due to growing oil and gas imports. Coal imports dropped again y/y in December, and together with the local coal production decline, indicate that the production of energy was less fuelled by coal and more by gas.

As for the secondary energy resources, namely the electricity generated using other energy sources, the local production increased more significantly y/y in December, whereas imports collapsed. The local production increase was the result of a stronger rise of the domestic consumption, as exports kept on falling.

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