Romanian Dacia increases production by 9% y/y

Romania’s biggest company, the car producer Dacia, increased its production by 9% y/y to almost 192,000 units in H1, according to figures of the Association of Vehicles Producers in Romania (ACAROM). If similar performance is maintained in H2’19, Dacia’s production could jump above 350,000 units, exceeding its total capacity. As recalled, the company made more than 335,200 cars in 2018, of which about 90% were exported. Production growth in 2018 was less than 7%, hampered by weakening sales in Europe. That was not the best performing year for Dacia production, although the company’s sales rose by 5% y/y to around EUR5.3bn, the highest level in its history.

Meanwhile, production of the other car manufacturer in Romania, Ford, is also on the rise. Ford made more than 59,000 cars in January-May 2019, up by 1.2% y/y, and has big plans to boost output in the following years. Besides, Ford already tripled its production to almost 150,000 units in 2018 after starting production of a new model, more appealing in the European market. Previous figures published by the ACAROM indicated that both domestic car producers made about 470,000 cars in 2018, a record high level which pushed Romania on the eighth place in EU, surpassing for the first time Hungary and Poland.

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