Romania’s PM Mihai Tudose announced his resignation

The executive leadership of the senior ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) voted to withdraw support for their own prime minister again. PM Mihai Tudose announced he would resign, which would be the second prime minister change in less than seven months for the Social Democrats. Tudose will not cover the interim period and announced he would be temporarily replaced by Deputy PM Paul Stanescu, until a new PM is designated.

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis may refuse another PSD PM; early elections or president impeachment are likely to happen. The procedures say that the PM resignation should be filed to the president who has to issue a decree for officializing the vacancy of the PM position and another decree for designating another government’s member as interim. The ruling alliance PSD-ALDE, which controls the majority in the parliament, must propose and discuss with the president about appointing a new prime minister. If the president refuses two proposals in 60 days, he can ask for parliament’s dissolution, triggering early elections.

Another scenario worth considering is for both the president and the PSD-ALDE alliance to negotiate a compromise which keeps their positions safe. That would imply designating a non-politically affiliated PM.

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