Slovak carmakers demand support for electromobility

Carmakers operating in the country say that the development of electromobility is not possible without state support, local media reported. Nitra-based Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Relations Manager Miroslava Remenarova said that in order for the automotive industry to move ahead in the field of electromobility as quickly as necessary, it needs government support for infrastructure investment along with financial incentives for electric mobility. Volkswagen Slovakia spokesperson Lucia Makayova pointed out that managing the environmental challenges in the automotive industry requires a public interest in sustainable forms of mobility and infrastructure development. According to current assumptions, by 2025, electrified vehicles will have a 20-30% market share. Car manufacturers believe that these ambitions of the automotive industry should translate into a favourable legislative and regulatory environment.

Slovakia is the world’s largest manufacturer of cars per capita. Currently four car makers — Volkswagen, PSA, Kia Motors and Jaguar Land Rover, operate in the country. Thus, the already high exposure of the economy to the automotive industry — it employs 280,000 people directly and indirectly, accounts for about 43% of the industrial production and 35% of the country’s industrial exports, has increased further.

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