Slovak government to introduce allowance for school supplies

Parents of children entering primary school should receive a EUR100 allowance for school supplies, according to a draft amendment to the Child Allowance Act submitted by Smer-SD MPs but also signed by independent MP Alena Basistova and MP for the co-governing SNS Magdalena Kucianova. The bill aims to ensure that every child who starts compulsory schooling has basic school supplies, the MPs said. This measure should take a financial burden from parents from increased expenses that are incurred as a result of their child’s arrival at primary school.

The bill, passed to its second reading in the parliament in May, was submitted to the government meeting by the labor ministry. The cabinet approved the material with comments on Wednesday. In connection with the objections presented within the interdepartmental review, the labor ministry said that the draft law would result in expenditure of the public administration that are not covered in the budget. With regard to the fact that this measure was not part of the approved budget for the ministry, it suggests an increase of its budget for 2019. This year it will be necessary to spend EUR6.2m from the state budget to pay for the measure. The contribution should be given this year to 59,000 children, to 59,300 in the next year, and to 59,600 children in 2021.

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