Slovakia: Fico to present his vision on govt talks despite parties’ rejection of Smer

I will present my views on the post-election situation in Slovakia and propose possible solutions to President Andrej Kiska during our meeting today, the chairperson of the election winning party Smer and outgoing PM Robert Fico said after the extraordinary EU summit in Brussels. He underlined that Slovakia needed a meaningful and stable government, especially in the coming months. Fico refused to respond to the statements of the leaders of the other elected to the parliament parties after their respective meetings with President Kiska. Fico highlighted he had clear vision on the forthcoming negotiations for forming new government, adding that he respected the vote of Slovaks. He also expressed doubt of the centre-right parties being able to form a stable government as they started quarrelling almost immediately.

On Monday President Andrej Kiska announced that he would entrust Fico a mandate to form a government today. Before the move, he held bilateral meetings with the leaders of all elected political parties safe for the far-right L’SNS in order to take stock of their views on the possibilities of creating a stable majority given the complicated political situation that has arisen after the Saturday general election. After the bilateral talks all the parties rejected any cooperation with Smer, even holding talks with the centre-left party on government formation, while the nationalist SNS said it would participate in cabinet formation talks with Smer, but is yet to decide whether to enter such a coalition cabinet. Even if the SNS chooses Smer, Fico, despite being the nominal election winner on 28.28% of the vote, will not be able to form a government unless it makes enormous concessions to persuade the potential partners. If he fails, the centre-right parties will probably try to form a cabinet, which will however be quite instable and unviable, thus overall hurting Slovakia’s economic development and reputation abroad, in our view.

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