Ten EU member insist on keeping CVM monitoring on Bulgaria

Ten EU member states reportedly continue to insist on maintaining the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) monitoring on Bulgaria but it is still early for conclusions, an anonymous foreign diplomat commented for local publication Capital. The diplomats from the 27 EU member states met late on Nov 7 to discuss again their position on EC’s proposal to abolish CVM monitoring in Bulgaria but did not reach a final agreement. A compromise is rather unlikely to take place before Nov 19, when the EU member states’ ministers of the interior will meet to discuss the issue, according to the diplomat. The highest resistance against the monitoring cancellation came expectedly from France, Denmark, and the Netherlands, which have recently turned into the most significant opponents to EU enlargement, the diplomat added. The remaining six or seven EU member states which are rather sceptic regarding the end of the monitoring, said they were ready for a compromise in case of additional precaution measures. The diplomats will have one more meeting within a few days but in case they fail to reach an agreement, the decision on the EU’s monitoring on Bulgaria will move for discussion by EU member states’ ambassadors in Brussels.

We recall that the EC concluded in its latest CVM monitoring report on Bulgaria at end-October that Bulgaria has fulfilled the necessary benchmarks but refused to lift the monitoring and instead preferred the decision to depend on the opinions of the EU member states and the European Parliament. In case the EU member states do not come up with a decision, then the EC will nevertheless have to decide alone on the CVM monitoring on Bulgaria.

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