The US unblocks USD392m in military assistance to Ukraine

The administration of the US President Donald Trump has unblocked USD392m in military assistance to Ukraine, the Ukrainian embassy to the US said in a social media post. US current assistance includes USD250m from the Pentagon budget, USD115m from the State Department budget for 2019, and USD27m from the State Department budget for 2018, said the embassy. The US administration late last month decided to revise the USD250m assistance, and there were fears that all US military assistance to Ukraine would be frozen.

It was speculated that the Trump administration froze assistance in order to coerce the Ukrainian authorities to back his re-election bid. The US has been supplying Ukraine with defensive weapons since the Russian invasion in 2014, as well as sending instructors, and under Trump the US began supplying also lethal weapons. Ukraine hopes for a total of USD700m in US military assistance in 2020.

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