Tusk, EU Council President : Schengen border controls must return

President of the European Council Donald Tusk has reaffirmed that Schengen border controls must be reactivated in order to control the exodus of refugees to Europe.

The former Polish prime minister said in an interview with public broadcaster TVP that the scale of the current refugee phenomenon is unprecedented.

“Without control on the borders there is no chance of having a [European] Union policy on immigration, only complete chaos,” he argued.

“Therefore, before we invite more refugees, we must ensure that we are able to control this process,” he said.

“If we fail to restore external border controls, Schengen will be genuinely threatened.”

On Wednesday night at an EU summit in Brussels, EU leaders declared that they will mobilise at least an additional EUR 1 billion in aid to refugees in camps outside the EU. Poland will contribute.

Following negotiations on Tuesday, it appears that Poland will take in about 5,000 refugees, in addition to 2,000 already agreed in July.

Tusk said on Thursday night that “Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz played very courageously and with some risk, but actually Poland won.” (nh/rk)


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