Ukraine extends embargo on Russian goods till end-2020

The cabinet yesterday extended the embargo on imports of Russian goods, which was introduced in 2015, till the end of 2020. It is forbidden to import from Russia, in particular, cement, fertilizers, matches, wallpaper, and various metal products. From March, it will be forbidden also to import second-hand rail and tram cars. At the same time, the cabinet postponed the introduction of an embargo on motor vehicles till the end of this year.

Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin extended his own embargo on Ukrainian goods also till end-2020. Russia last April introduced new sanctions against Ukraine, affecting oil, fuel and coal, as well as the engineering, light and metallurgy industries. Last December, Russia added wheat, sunflower oil, beer, fish, canned fruit and vegetables, juices, confectionery products, and alcoholic drinks to the list of banned imports from Ukraine. Russia has been restricting imports from Ukraine since 2012, and especially after 2014, punishing Ukraine for a free trade deal with the EU. Ukraine has also been embargoing Russian goods in response. At the same time, last month Putin issued a decree lifting the ban on the transit of goods from Ukraine, which was introduced in 2016.

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