Ukraine: Hroysman or Jaresko to replace Yatsenyuk

US-born FinMin Natalie Jaresko or parliament speaker Volodymyr Hroysman are likely to replace Arseny Yatsenyuk as PM soon, FT reported yesterday, citing unnamed sources. US-born Jaresko, who had been a fund manager in Ukraine, was offered the position in late February, but talks stalled late last week, according to FT. Although she is still in the game, President Petro Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are apparently inclined to prefer Hroysman to her, said FT’s sources.

We recall that Ukrainska Pravda reported late last week, citing sources from Poroshenko’s administration, that Jaresko preliminarily agreed to a proposal to replace Yatsenyuk. He reportedly agreed to step down. Jaresko is more independent of domestic influences than Hroysman, who is a long-term ally of Poroshenko’s, but Jaresko is viewed by many in Ukraine as an American stooge, and she has no political party behind her. Consequently, she would be an interim figure. With Hroysman as PM, Poroshenko would cement his grip on power, and early elections would be unlikely.

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